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Rockland's Doppler Radar. from the Storm of the Century Litter.............Radar renamed Strykre.

After the loss of my 4yr old Aussie, I started searching for a reputable Aussie breeder.

I soon found Rockland on the web and contacted Kathy. After talking and visiting with Kathy I knew this was the breeder I would get my new puppy from.

I could tell that Kathy really cared about her dogs & puppies and is not just in it for the money. With being in the pet care business for the past 12 years I could tell that Kathy knows what she is doing.

So far Radar is the best Aussie puppy I have ever seen. I can really tell Kathy and her family has spent a lot of time working with this litter. Radar as been supper easy to train so far.

Thank You Kathy for the great puppy.

Written by Donald N. of NC on 1/19/2012

 Stryker looks so much like his Daddy.

Rockland's Eye of the Storm , from the "Storm of the Century Litter" written on 1/10/2012..............Kane renamed Sammy.

I searched for almost a year to find the best puppy for our family.  Once we found Kathy at Rockland Australian Shepherds, our search was over.  After I answered a thoughtful questionnaire, she called so we could arrage a visit.   

And that was all it took! Once we met Kathy, her family (which includes her wonderful Aussies), and played with the youngest members (the puppies), we understood why she came so highly recommended. She loves the Australian Shepherd breed, every individual dog, knew each dog's personality, and deeply cared about perfecting and preserving the breed.
She is extremely knowledgable and prepared our family for the day we were able to bring our sweet puppy home. She advised us on how to handle the little hiccups that might occur as our puppy got accustomed to his new home. She emailed to check on us and we called to get quick answers to the usual, puppy questions. The most important thing we have other than this delightful new puppy is a committed and knowledgable breeder. She truly cares, she is truly there to help, and truly loves to see her puppies happy and healthy in their new homes. We couldn't be happier!
Courtney A. of Virginia






Rockland's Twistin' in the Wind from Storm of the Century Litter  Written on 1/7/2012   Renamed Coffee

Twister has been such a joy for our family since we brought him home.  My wife and I were amazed at how easily Twister adapted to his new surroundings and how he instantly made himself at home.  I can already tell that Twister will be the best dog we have ever had.  He loves to be loved, to explore, be right in the middle of everything and play, play, play.  He's such a smart little guy with a huge personality and we all truly adore him.   

Kathy certainly made the whole process of getting Twister a wonderful experience.  She was in constant contact with us before we got Twister.  She made herself available for any questions we had and has been a wealth of knowledge every step of the way.  When we went to pick up Twister Kathy and her family were so friendly and made us feel right at home.  Before we left Kathy made it perfectly clear to us that she wants to be involved with the puppies long after they go to their new homes. 

We look forward to our continued relationship with Kathy and are truly honored to be a part of the Rockland Aussies family.

Christopher C.

King George, VA


Storm of the Century References............. written on 1/05/2012...........Staying Storm.

We decided to get our four children a puppy for Christmas and always said our next dog would be an Aussie. What a wonderful Aussie we got from Rockland Australian Shepherds! When we found Rockland's website we were very impressed with what we saw and read. What really impressed us was when we called Kathy!!    Kathy was so informative, friendly and honest, she told me that she is very careful about matching her puppy's personality to the home they go to. Kathy reccomended Storm as she felt he would be the perfect puppy for a busy family of six... was she right!! His personality is a perfect fit. We love our baby Storm. He is beautiful, smart, happy, and well adjusted. Kathy and her family take great care of their puppy's before letting them go to their new homes, they make sure they are well socialized, healthy and start their life off right in every way. Thank you Kathy and Rockland Aussies!

                     Written by Sandy F., in VA  on January 5, 2012











These are references from our litter in Feb.  2011


Rockland's Kodak Moment........Cody

I would never in a thousand years have dreamed of having such a gem as he is! Thank you ever so much!!!!!!!!  You truely put your heart into raising your babies and making them such a treasure for their prospective owners! I wish EVERY breeder was as concientious as you are about how puppies should be raised. Thank you a million times over!!!!!!!  I can't give you enough praise for such an awesome puppy! I don't know what you are doing, but watever it is, you are awesome at it! I have never been around such a well adjusted, behaved, obedient puppy in the 18 yrs I've been a groomer, and a pet sitter!    I'm truly in awe & really wish more breeders would take such a positive,personal approach in breeding!   Carol D. in Northern , VA




What the Vet had to say about one of our PA..............Written by Shelby's new Mom in an email.  Shelby is now renamed Minnie.

Not only were they impressed by our little girl, but also by her 1st Mommy! The Vet said that you know what you're doing! Your immunization schedule was the most accurate she's ever seen!

As we visited and played a bit, the Vet commented that she could tell what a
good breeder you are by Shelby/Minnie's disposition:)

Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your family!

Have a good evening...



Rockland's Marvelous Minnie...............Renamed Minnie. Visit to Rockland Aussies

My husband and I drove from PA to VA in hopes of adopting a loving Aussie and we were not disappointed. When I first entered the web site, I had a good feeling about how these dogs were being raised. This love and compassion for the Aussies was confirmed when we arrived at the Rockland Aussies' home. Kathy raises her Aussies from her heart with all the love and devotion they deserve. We were impressed with her knowledge of Aussies and how much she cared for each dog (whether puppy or adult). It was obvious that her dogs receive the care and love from Kathy and her family. We are thrilled to be a part of this family with the adoption of Shelby! Kathy has very strict standards that the puppies cannot leave their Mommy until Kathy believes they can eat well enough on their own. We totally agree that the dog's well-being is the first priority and welcome when we are able to drive back to VA to pick up our newest member of our family. Thank you!!

Reviewer: Lola, March 14, 2011


Rockland's Fabulous Four........Viper Great Australian Shepherd Breeder

After much research, we recently purchased an Australian Shepherd puppy from Kathy at Rockland Aussies . After looking into several different breeders, I decided to go with Kathy as she was very responsive to my questions and answered everything right in keeping with the US Australian Shepherd Association's guidelines for finding a reputable breeder. Visiting the home proved that everything she told me was accurate. The puppies and older Aussies were found to be very well cared for in keeping with the needs of the breed. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for an Aussie puppy.

Reviewer: Larry, March 18, 2011


Rockland's Zurich Allen Rockland Aussie Review

We had a wonderful experience with Rockland Aussies. Kathy was so friendly, helpful, and quick to respond to our many questions. She has so much knowledge about Aussies and we found that all of her qualifications make her a very reputable breeder. When we went to visit the puppies, we were very impressed with how she was raising the puppies and the obedience and friendliness of the older dogs. I would recommend this breeder to anyone who loves Australian Shepherds!

Reviewer: Olani, March 16, 2011


Rockland's Born in a Tahoe.............Tahoe.


Rockland's Born in a Tahoe! LOVE my Rockland Aussie Puppy!

I just got my first puppy and I couldn't be happier that I chose a Rockland Aussie! Just by looking at the Rockland Aussies website I instantly had a great feeling and after speaking with Kathy, I was positive that I didn't want a puppy from anyone else. I had to wait 2 weeks until my puppy was ready to come home, and it felt like a lifetime. I stayed in contact with Kathy, emailing back and forth information on both ends to ensure that both my puppy and I would be a wonderful match, and of course it turned out that we are! When I got to Kathy's home to pick him up I was greeted with warm hellos from her whole family and my pup of course. Kathy and her family were so welcoming that it felt like I was not only adopting one of their puppies but also becoming a part of their extended family and fellow australian shepherd lover! I really could not have asked for a better experience in getting my first puppy, and I really owe it to Kathy and her family.

Reviewer: Nina, March 27, 2011






To Be Determined...............Lotus renamed Shadow.

We love our puppy! He is a great addition to our family. We are thankful that we found Rockland Aussies. Kathy is great, she answered all of our questions and continues to answer our
questions. She made our first experience with a breeder very comfortable. We recommend Rockland Aussies and Kathy.
Mike and Heidi