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Sometimes as you grow older, things change in your life.  We are at one of those times in our lives.  Due to some health issues of my husband, we have decided to not breed any more.  After 12 years it is a decision that did not come easily.  

Therefore, we will be placing some of our Champions in pet homes Currently available is Chance our International/National Champion, UKC Champion.  Pet homes will be required to spay/neuter within 90 days.

Dogs are housebroken, crate trained, leash broken and need the right fit for them.  

Chance is a 4 year old, red tri male National/International, UKC Champion
Chance needs a quiet home with individual attention.  He is slightly reserved with new people and I see him bonding best to a female.  He listens well and enjoys being outside where he is most confident.  He is more reserved in the house.  Excellent guard dog as well as he will let you know if anything comes around your home.  I don't see him being good with smaller children, although excellent with our 9 year granddaughter.  He is  playful and loves water.

While you are searching for your new Aussie Family Member please order the NEW EBook on  Australian shepherds.  It tells you about care and training for the aussie breed ONLY with many wonderful pictures as well.    See the bottom on our welcome back and on our Raising Pups page for more information on this must have book.